How to Talk To a Strange Girl?

Dating can be extremely fulfilling, especially when 2 people have a lot of chemistry. Romantic relationships can provide huge amounts of comfort, happiness and friendship. However, the very first step in finding the right person is meeting them. It can be nerve-wracking to meet girl when you don’t know how to talk to strangers. You sometimes feel shy, clam up or nerves while coming up with topics of conversation. By remembering a few easy tips, talking to strange girls does not have to be nerve-wracking.

1. Well to start with; do not look her in the eyes. Then think about someone you like while you are talking to her and your experience may be heightened. Be confident. Talking to strangers can be unnerving, but try to hide your nerves as best you can.

2. Butt into conversations, but in a nice way. Let’s say, if some girls were talking about an episode or a book they read, say “Oh, you read that? It is the Best book ever!” Or when a stranger is trying to make a choice on a product to buy go up to them and say “You should try that stuff, it works great.”

3. Don’t be creepy at all. Just say hi, how are you, would u like to grab some coffee etc. Don’t go looking at her body saying oh you are beautiful.

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