Things to See and Do in Tokyo

Perhaps the greatest example of a modern city, Tokyo offers something special for every tourist. The backpacker, the honeymoon couple, the family or group, the religious and the obsessive shopper, everyone will find the trip of their dreams in Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden – The city of Tokyo and all of Japan really, is known for the many stunning gardens that are found there. One of the most stunning is the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. This quiet and peaceful setting can be enjoyed on a number of levels by the people lucky enough to visit there.

Harajuku – There are few sights anywhere in the world that can compare with Tokyo at nighttime. To say that it ‘comes alive’ visually is to massively understate the point: it explodes into a dazzling vision of bright colors and flashing lights. And its nightlife is bit different: if nothing else, a trip down to Harajuku, where the city’s teenagers flaunt their extreme fashion tendencies, confirms that the Japanese are an incredibly style-conscious people.

Places in History – With a civilization as old as the Japanese the next thing a visitor must do is discover the history of the Tokyo. The first stop has to be the Imperial Palace on your Tokyo sightseeing tour. The palace is home to the emperor and his family. Moats and huge stone walls surround the castle. Kokyo Gaien or the palace garden is located just outside the palace and is the ideal place for souvenir pictures. The Sensoji temple in Tokyo is a Buddhist temple. According to legend its construction was completed in 645 making it the oldest temple in Tokyo.

Tokyo Disneyland – Ideal for the family on holiday, Tokyo Disneyland is a great way to spend a fun-filled day with your spouse and kids. A top destination in the city for tourists as well as locals alike, Tokyo Disneyland is an exact replica of its Californian counterpart.


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