Things to do in the Caribbean Land

Long been the playground of the rich and the famous, the Caribbean is an exciting holiday destination. Conjuring up pictures of palm fringed white sand beaches and clean blue waters; the Caribbean is so much more than this.

Cahuita National Park Snorkeling – Cahuita National Park features the only mature coral reef on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. This reef spreads out like a fan off Cahuita Point and measures about 240 hectares. Both elkhorn and smooth brain corals are the most prevalent species on the reef along with a wide variety of other marine life. A boat will take you to the best snorkeling spots. This tour also includes a hike thru the National Park.

Deep-Sea Fishing – Deep-sea fishing is a popular St. Maarten activity, with full-day and half-day charters available year-round. The best fishing grounds are conveniently near the island, meaning less time spent traveling and more time fishing. Charters usually include tackle, bait, food, and refreshments. Bareboat charters are also available. The day’s catch can include yellowtail, snapper, grouper, and marlin. Tarpon, barracuda, snook, bonefish and jacks can be caught year round.

Bonaire National Marine Park – In a region where nearly every destination has a reef system and boast of its diving opportunities, Bonaire is acknowledged as one of the true meccas for scuba buffs and snorkelers. Bonaire’s National Marine Park literally surrounds the island, from the shoreline to the point where the water reaches 200 feet in depth, and is the best protected reef system in the Caribbean.

Koki Beach – Doing its best to channel Miami Beach, this sleek spot cranking reggae-lite classics has fruit-colored paper lanterns and Adirondack chairs that face the ocean from an elevated wooden platform.


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