How to Stay Fresh All Day?

Did you know that on average, the human body has about 2 sqmtrs of skin? And in addition to that, we produce about 1 pint of sweat daily. It may sound like a lot to maintain, but good personal hygiene habits can help keep you healthy.

Hand Washing – This is the best way to avoid getting sick. Washing your face can help reduce your risk of bacterial infections such as trachoma, an eye infection. Good hygiene is good for more than just washing away bacteria and other potentially dangerous things — it also helps us smell fresh and feel confident.

Watch What You Eat – Learn to watch your food, your meal, your diet, spiced food can caused also bad odor. So always take care of things you eat.

Body Deodorant – Use deodorant and anti-perspirant to dry before you can put your clothes to prevent stain on clothes. Try long lasting deodorant for your body. (The best time to use them is immediately after bath).

Drinking Water – Drinking water will hydrate you and when you have plenty of water you make plenty of urine. Since the kidneys make urine by filtering waste out of the blood drinking plenty of water will help the kidneys keep the blood “clean”.


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