How to Handle Long Distance Relationship

Maybe you met your BF or GF online in chat room or while visiting friends in another city. Or maybe you were college sweethearts who were separated because your colleges were located in different areas. The good news is that you are now in love! The bad news is that you are separated from each other by thousands of miles.

Most people think that maintaining a long distance relationship is very hard and extremely complicated. It’s depends on you how much serious you are for your relationship. If you are serious and positive towards long distance relationship, it will be much better than a close relationship.

A long distance relationship will work for you if:

– You trust your BF or GF completely.

– You love to spend time alone.

– You have many outside hobbies and interests

– You’re like a sexual camel and can go weeks, if not months, without sexual intimacy.

– If you have internet connection at home with web cam.

– You love to talk on the mobile.

– You know how to turn your lover on over the mobile and on the internet.

– You don’t feel lonely when out with other couples.

– You know how to keep busy.

– You have good friends.

In Addition – A long distance relationship will be difficult and requires a strong commitment between you and your partner. After all, trust is the foundation of any good relationship.


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