How to Deal with “You’re fired’

Whether you loved the job or hated every day of it, getting fired is a hard situation to deal with. Quitting a job in order to move on to bigger and better things is an amazing experience, but when you are told that you are fired, it is a big blow to your ego. Here are a few tips on dealing with getting fired:

Tell The Truth
At this point probably the worst thing you can do is lie when explaining why you got fired. If you’ve been fired and are then caught in a lie, that makes you a liar who got fired so you’ve got two strikes against you.

Loss of Relationships
For many people, their closest relationships are with people at work and losing them can be painful. The best way to mitigate this is to have many positive relationships outside of work also. And of course increasing your employability lets you quickly find a new job and new relationships at work.

Throw Out Emotion
If you are fired, do your best to approach the remainder of the dialogue with calm integrity, rather than anger. You will most likely be feeling hurt, angry, frightened and nervous.  “What am I going to tell my family?  How is this going to affect my career?”  These are all common questions, and you’ll have time to focus on them later.  Reacting to these emotions may cause you to say things that you wish you hadn’t, and it’s best to keep yourself calm and try to get something positive from the situation, if possible.

Make a Plan
Once you know where you want to lead your career, take steps toward making it happen. For example, you might need more training or education if you’re going to switch careers.

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