Alcohol Drinking Tips


If you’re adult and don’t have a personal or religious issue with drinking, then the truth is that you’ll eventually drink some. Depending on your entourage, even a lot of: You’ll go to disco, pubs where people drink vodka, whiskey, beer or others. You’ll end up seeing boys running naked in the garden, girls throwing their drunken guts out, or even.

  • Set a limit on how many drinks you are going to have when you drink, and stick to it.
  • Use alcohol cautiously in connection with any medication or other drugs. Example: Antihistamines and alcohol can induce excessive sedation, so it would be best to avoid this combination.
  • Drink slowly – if you sip a drink and do not have more than one drink per hour, the alcohol will not have a chance to build up in your bloodstream. This is due to the natural metabolic functioning of the liver.
  • Eat before you drink. Eating high-protein foods like cheeses and meats will slow down the absorption rate so that the alcohol will not hit your system all at once.
  • Alternating alcohol with water or soft drinks will reduce the amount of alcohol you consume, give you a longer fun evening out and protect you from the ravages of alcohol-induced dehydration.

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