How to Develop Stronger Friendships

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. By Anäis Nin

Friendships are incredibly important. At certain stages in our lives, friendships are everything to us – the most important thing in our lives. Friendships help define us. Our friends can influence our choices – where we live, what we eat, what we buy.  Friendships grow and change as people come and grow.

Cultivating these attributes will help you strengthen your friendships:

1. Build the art of listening well. Sometimes, just listening carefully to your friends will make them feel better about the challenges they are facing. To listen well is to imbibe what is being said without thinking of what you are going to say in response.

2. Be truthful. True friendship isn’t dependent on your saying “yes” all the time and overlooking your friend’s faults. Of course, while you’re tolerant of their idiosyncrasies, you’ll also want to support your friends in their personal development.

3. Respect their view. It is totally okay if you disagree with your friend on few aspects but make sure you don’t disrespect his/her point of view. Every person has their own personal beliefs and thoughts. They might be wrong from your point of view but completely correct according to them. Make sure you don’t hurt the sentiments of your friend.

4. Compliment your friend. Express your love for your friend by complimenting them on their goodness or good works. Admire them on small things that make them happy. It’s vital to let them know how much you love and care for them.

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