How to Improve Your Self Image – 4 Steps

Everybody has come to a point in their lives when they feel that they are inadequate. If you are currently in that situation, remember that there will be brighter days. The future is uncertain, and there are things that can change for the better – and many of these are under your control. That is why it is important to know how to improve your self image, and here are some of the best ways to do so:

  •     Do an Overhaul

That’s right. The first thing that you can do to distract yourself from thinking negatively about yourself is to sort through your things. You can start with your closet and pull everything out. Create 3 piles: for Storage, for Use, and for Donation.

That’s because if you want to know how to improve your self image, the first rule of thumb is to improve your appearance. You don’t have to be a rock star or a supermodel to look good. You can start with your clothes, that is why you should keep all the good, fashionable pieces and store or donate the old ones.

  •     Clean and Maintain your Surroundings

If you were living in an unclean house, you understand what is meant when they say that it sucks the life out of you. It certainly does, as clutter signifies unfinished business. When our surroundings are messy, we tend not to think straight.

That is why it’s incredibly important to do some cleaning. A good scrubbing and tidying up will keep your mind off negative things and set you on a positive goal, anyway. At the end of the cleaning, you will be so happy with the improvement of your space that you will seek how to improve your self image next.

  •     Think only about Yourself

This does NOT mean that you should bte selfish. It means that you should never compare yourself with others. They are different and unique in their own way, and so are you. You can never become them, and they will never be like you.

Focusing on yourself means appreciating what you have and enhancing what you like about yourself. Improve your skills, practice your talents, appreciate your physical assets, and cherish your good relationships with other people.

  •     Hang out with Positive Friends

A low self image is often caused by the crowd that you spend a lot of your time with. People who tend to complain a lot and speak ill of others and of themselves tend to really affect how you look at yourself. This is very unhealthy and can really take its toll on your self image.

In order to know how to improve your self image, you can try making friends with those who are more focused and positive. If you want to keep your existing friends, try getting them into more fun and fulfilling activities to preoccupy their mind with more productive ideas. If it doesn’t suit them, then you can take a class in yoga or baking to meet more fun and interesting people.

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