Abundance Through Spirituality

Spiritual abundance and all it encompasses is sometimes hard to understand and get straight in your mind. What exactly are we talking about when we use the phrase spiritual abundance? The meaning for this article is the ability to tap into your deepest inner self and at the same time allowing the universe to provide all your needs and desires, this is what spiritual abundance truly is.

However you define yourself, whether it’s through religion or some connection to the world and the universe, we are all spiritual beings; yes we do have a spiritual side. We are defined by our thoughts whether consciously or sub-consciously. The more we maintain a positive thought, it will become our reality.

There are a few basic steps to follow to achieve spiritual abundance and the better understanding of your spiritual self and your ability to achieve, regardless of how you define spirituality. The first step to achieving abundance and prosperity is believing that it’s possible.

Abundance and prosperity is basically the same thing. Prosperity is more a state of mind and not at all an accumulation of material things.

Abundance is being in the universal flow and having all your needs met. Because of our conditioning from childhood, the hardest thing to learn about spiritual abundance is believing it is possible, believing it as the absolute truth.

Next you must learn to visualize, this principle is of upmost important, it involves using your mind to picture a positive outcome and holding that picture and believe that its possible that you can make it happen in your life. When it comes to success, finances, relationships or any situation in your life that you want to change through spiritual abundance.

If you want financial abundance and prosperity you must picture yourself with not only a large bank account, all bills paid and no debt, but see yourself with all your needs met. If you cannot have this picture and believe it, you won’t attract things to your life. Abundance will be yours if you learn to first decide what it is that you want and then believe it can be yours.

You can use many ways to reinforce these positive visualizations. By posting affirmations or pinning up copies of hundred dollar bills around your space or maybe writing a large check to yourself, and if you look at these frequently, several times a day,  you will learn to believe that you will have these things.

You will tap into the power of your mind and of your beliefs to achieve and manifest your dreams into your life; this is the law of abundance.

As you focus and amplify this positive thinking and positive visualization to an even sharper point, you will start to get a feeling, a positive feeling that will create ideas and a plan. Instead of just feeling positive in general, you’ll use that positive feeling toward a specific thing.If you want to get out of debt, pay off your car or your house, or afford a vacation, you will need a specific amount of money to do those things.

Even though it may seem like an unattainable amount of money. You may think that there’s no way you can get that much money.  Instead you see months, maybe years, of scraping and sacrificing other things in order to be able to afford it. Because you can picture that and you believe it, you ensure it will happen that way.

You can and you will shift your thinking instead to see yourself effortlessly coming into the money to enable these things in your life, and you will attract spiritual abundance and prosperity.

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