Investing In Yourself Is The Best Decision You Can Ever Make

Let me ask you a question.

What is the best investment you could EVER make in your life?

Is it gold? Is it Real Estate? Is it the Stock Market? Is it any other business venture, commodity market item, financial market item, futures market item, or anything of that variety?

I bet many of you would have answered any of the above.

And you would all be WRONG!

The best investment in today’s economic climate (or in any economic climate, for that matter) is not any of the above. It may surprise you to learn that the BEST investment you will ever make is not even a tangible investment at all. It is an intangible investment in yourself! An investment in gold, or stocks, or real estate, or even financial markets is so temporal and fleeting that it could literally be here today and gone tomorrow. An investment in YOURSELF, however, is not fleeting or temporal, it is for life!

Investments in hard assets like those above, while desirable and envious to have, may or may not result in real and positive returns over time. How many stories have you read, seen or heard where investors have lost their shirts in an investment? Where real estate values have dried up in entire neighbourhoods and cities? Where stock markets have plummeted across all broad investment categories? We have all heard stories where one wrong decision, one bad investment, one poor market performance, and one unfortunate circumstance has resulted in millions of dollars of investments being wiped out instantly.

Once you possess the skills and the knowledge to do something once, you can do it again and again, at will, independent of the surrounding environment.

An investment in one’s self is the best investment that one can make. Far better than investing in real estate, far better than the stock market, far better than bonds and far better than the lottery.

If you invest time, energy, and resources in yourself you will develop the skill set needed to improve your lot in life, increase your net worth, improve your finances, increase wealth and assets and live better. If you think that you are a failure and will not improve your life then your belief system will manifest those beliefs into reality. If however, you begin to feel like a success and takes steps to achieve that success by investing in YOURSELF, life will reward you as per your belief system. Examples abound everywhere of individuals like Trump who have achieved success, lost it, achieved it again, lost it once more and achieved it even again.

If you want to live the life of a successful entrepreneur then you have to model the actions of that person you want to emulate. Continuing to do the same things time after time again yet expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Deciding to invest in yourself is the single most important decision you will ever make in your life. Start today. Get an education. Learn how to operate a business. Learn marketing skills. Start a new business. Do something! Investing in yourself is the single most important thing that will change your life.

Someone once said that if you want a million dollar life, start thinking million dollar thoughts, and invest in yourself. You need a road map, a toolkit, a step-by-step system and determination to start and finish and which will guide you towards your goals. Without them, you’ll be lost.

Self-improvement should be at the top of your priority list and you should start today.

You will be the beneficiary on all counts.

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