Failures Can Lead To Success

Some of the failures that I encounter in my life have leaded me to success. These failures are just stepping stones that guide me to achieve my certain goal. I learned that it has its own reasons and those reasons helped me to omit those mistakes and change it for the better ones. It’s a trial and error system. Once you fail in a certain project or task, you just know what you will have to do to make it better the next time. Here’s how failure can lead you to success:

Pushes You To A New Level

Failure can push you to a new level. You will never be the person that you were before you started. Moving outside the comfort zone and attempting to reach your goal is far much better than not trying at all.

Makes You Stronger

After facing a failure, some people may feel hurt, humiliated, weak and frustrated. But after that pain and frustration comes an energy that makes you become stronger. These failures can increase your chances to success. A lot of people avoid the pain that a failure is giving them therefore, the have much greater desire to succeed.

Makes You Braver

No guts, no glory. This is a very popular saying and motivator to some people. When you put your efforts into a certain task or project and fail, it gives you more courage to try it again and again until you are successful. Taking a risk is a step towards your goal.

It Brings Answers

Not trying means no answers and you often ask yourself “could I have made it?”, “could it be successful?” You blame yourself because of the chances you’d miss and what the future may have been like when you tried it. If you take a risk and fail, at least you have answers to those questions and have a closure to the things you have been asking yourself when you haven’t tried.

It Opens New Doors

There is a saying that “when one door closes, another one opens”, which I believe it’s true. If one door closes to you there are other doors that are open that you can enter. When you failed on an audition, there will be more auditions coming that is bigger and has a higher chance of success. Failure is never a dead end, but a new beginning of something better.

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