Cruise Vacation Safety Tips

A cruise is not always a trouble-free situation. If you are not prepared for emergencies, you may get caught up in problems. The best thing that travelers should remember is to plan everything right so that they reach their destination without worrying about where they will stay or how they will get there. Cruise and stay vacations do not come cheap so, make sure that you have everything planned right. Even a snag can spoil a potentially great vacation.

Aside from making sure that your travel is smooth, you also have to employ some precautions to ensure your safety while you are away. When you are on a cruise, you will be with people you do not know. There are a few elements that could put your safety at risk. These can include criminals, natural calamities and ship failures. These may be inevitable, but being aware reduces your chances of being affected by these factors.

Tip #1. Don’t look like a million dollars!

If you are a female, you may be tempted to flaunt your diamond jewelry, wear your chic makeup and carry around your Hermes Birkin bag but, if you are not attending a formal event, then, it is best to keep a modest look. If you are getting off the ship and touring around in an unknown city, it is best to keep a low profile so you will not attract robbers and unscrupulous people.

Tip #2. Take care of your things.

The easy targets of robbers in foreign lands are those who are not attentive to their belongings. Do not leave your luggage unattended and do not leave it with someone you do not know. You need to be extremely cautious because losing your luggage is very frustrating especially if your passport, travel documents, money and other important items are in it. So, it is better to be safe now rather than regretting it later.

Tip #3. Check your life vest.

With several cases of maritime accidents, it is unwise to think that your cruise liner is completely safe. Cruise ships can encounter accidents on the sea no matter how expensive it is to ride on them. You should know what to do in case an emergency happens. Familiarize yourself with the exit points of the ship.

Tip #4. Keep your room locked.

Whether you are inside your unit or outside, keep it locked. Otherwise, it is like you are welcoming everyone to your room, making you a potential victim of burglary. You do not know what might get stolen from you if your door is open and/or unlocked—it could be your cash, jewelry, and even your privacy can be disturbed.

Tip #5. Be aware of your surroundings.

Since you are traveling to a different place, do not act like the situations are identical to those in your hometown. You must keep in mind that you are in a different area. If you are not familiar with the place’s crime rate, better be alert and hold onto your belongings tightly. Enjoying your vacation does not mean you can forget the basics of safety.


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