Understanding That Life Is Not Fair

A friend used to say that she told her children that life is not fair. However, she believed that by the time they became adults, things would have evened out for the most part. Yet life continues to be unfair even in adulthood. Everyone has problems, or will have them, but their attitudes make a big difference in how they handle the trials and how they feel about life being fair or not. Life will not be fair and equal, but it must be dealt with individually regardless.

People have been known to say that they would pick their own problems if they were given the choice of having someone else’s problems. That may be due to the fact that they have experienced their problems and have worked through them. They may not seem as bad as what someone else must endure.

The government tries to make life more equitable by creating laws which are supposed to treat people fairly, but individual circumstances vary so greatly that life can never be considered as being really fair. What comes into one life may not come to another. The good that comes is not evenly distributed. By the same token, bad things can come to everyone but not in the same degrees or time periods.

What is fair about a twenty five year old “kid” having such success that he has more money than he will ever need while a family of five struggles to put food on the table? The father in this family works harder than the young entrepreneur. He goes to his job everyday and puts in long hours. He tries to provide for his family, but it is a constant battle to stay afloat. The kid has found riches and freedom so he no longer has to work hard, but he still works smart. He has been fortunate enough to have found great wealth. Is that fair?

Is it fair that a college graduate engineer has lost his job, family, and well being? He is living on the streets and begging each day for money to buy food. He is depressed and lonely, but he cannot find relief from the type of life he now lives. He has gone from a stable existence to being homeless.

Trying to start a home based business or even trying to improve one’s self personally will not have the same results for different people. It is a personal thing.

No matter what life deals to us, we have the choice to accept it and move on trying to make it better or giving up with the thought that life is so terrible that there is nothing we can do. We must understand that life is not fair, but somehow we need to learn how to manage in spite of it.

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