Daily Motivation For Business

Daily motivation has two very important principles – knowledge and high energy. Knowledge is the key to confidence. When you are empowered with knowledge on a certain product, issue or situation, you can act confidently. If you are unsure of what to do, you will lack the confidence to step up and act in a way that the situation demands. Empower your team with the knowledge to act independently and efficiently.

High Energy at the work place makes for a dynamic work environment. These days, employees spend a better part of their day at work and it’s important that the leader should charge the work environment with energy. This way, you can ensure that the employees love their work place and enjoy coming in to work.

Are there some mantras that you can use to provide daily motivation to your employees? Yes, there are! Let’s find out what they are.

Before Work, Pep your Employees Up

Yes, there are a lot of things to do and yes, there are deadlines to meet. Clients are hammering on your head and demanding results and you need to get down to the work at hand ASAP. However, take the time to pep your employees up when they come in to work. How you say matters just as much as what you say. A few words of encouragement spoken genuinely will definitely go a long way in motivating your employees.

Take the Time to be Nice to Them

Whatever your work load, there is always time to be nice to your employees. Make them feel respected and wanted. Call them by their names. In leisure time chat up with them and talk of things beyond work. Think of your employees as individuals and not just a means to an end. Work constantly to earn the trust of your employees. Hear what they have to say, address their problems immediately and convey to them that you count on them. Once your employees know that, they will try their best to live up to your expectations.

Communicate Openly With Them

Communication between a leader and the team is very important. It is not advisable to keep your employees in the dark about any plans the company has on expansion or change. If they get the same information from other sources, they might feel vulnerable and a little betrayed too. If there is lack of communication, there can be rifts in the team, and employees may start distancing themselves from their leader and the company.

Appreciate openly, Remand Privately

If your employees work well, do not hold back the appreciation and reward due to him. Always give your employees a pat on the back for a job well done. Organize incentives to motivate them further and provide enough opportunities for growth and advancement. In case he makes a mistake, avoid criticizing him publicly. The aim of criticism is not to humiliate but to teach. Take him aside and talk to him privately.

Once daily motivation becomes part and parcel of your organizational structure, you will be able to notice great changes in the way employees go about their work. They will be happier and more involved in what they do and their productivity will also go up.

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